Elmo Loves ABCs App Reviews

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Quite good

My daughter loves it !!! 3years old and she already writes the letters... From right to left though ;) Still. .... This is Elmo !!!!!!

Needs work

My little girl loves this...... When it works..... It does not recognize any touch on anything unless you hold your finger over it for a second or two and have you ever tried to teach a three year old to do that, good luck and most of the videos for the letters dont have any sound. With some bug fixes this could be perfect

Thanks for the update

This new version respond how it should, my kids just LOVE it.

Great app

Perfect app for my 2 year old. I think the sensitivity is a little too high. Before the upgrade it was too hard but now when in one activity, a random touch on the screen pops you into another activity. Other then that its excellent and my 2yr old begs to play "elmo"

A for effort, D for delivery

This is a very good concept, but I cant help feeling that developers didnt actually test on real children. My son loves this app, but he gets frustrated very fast -- the videos take a long time to load, and pressing the same video button while the video is loading will try to load it again, so it takes even longer as a result. Elmo talks for too long after the activity has loaded, but the activity itself cant yet be played. Hopefully future versions will fix these issues so kids can fully enjoy this app.

Awesome app!

This app has a depth of entertainment that keeps my 2 year old coming back for more.

Daycare kids love this app!

I own a home daycare and my kids from 11 months and up love this app. The thing I love for the older kids is that they have to trace the letter to unlock the videos, coloring and fun hidden behind every letter, which is great practice. Not to mention Elmo, who doesnt love Elmo?!

Elmo loves abcs for iPad

I purchased this app for granddaughter, (she is 20 months old) and she loves this game. The problem is when you pick from the 3 things at bottom of screen it does not always play the proper video.

Fantastic learning tool

We have 4 children ranging from 1-6 years old and this app is one of their absolute favorites! The videos are great and the games are fun. There is so much content in this app that the fun and learning goes on and on! Thanks for a fantastic app!

Chris J

Yet another wonderful app from Sesame Street!


My husband was so impressed he has suggested buying a second (but less expensive) iPad for the kiddies... We havent toddler tested it yet because I know Ill never get my iPad back!

Love it!

We bought this for our 22 month daughter and she loves it. Not only is it a great teaching tool, but it is also a lot fun. I want to get it for my iPhone.


My 4 year old and two year old love this! Keeps them busy for hours!

Useful on many levels

The combination of every childs favorite character, Elmo, combined with the opportunity to trace letters, sound out letters, and watch short videos based on those letters makes this a fantastic educational app. Its amazing what my 3 year old son can do, and the letters he recognizes based on this app.

Fun learning tool

We started out with the lite version and our 2 year old loved it so much we had to upgrade. Hes been asking to play with it often and is more interested in learning his letters. Mom and dad have been caught singing the disco version of the ABCs when theres no children in sight!

Is Elmo Uploading your family Photos?

My child loves this app, but when I attempt to customize it by adding personalized photos, the app wants permission to access all my photos, then when you say yes, it appears to be loading all 800 photos from my iPad and takes forever to finish...Whats going on here? Is Elmo uploading all photos along with GPS data to their servers? This appears to be a security breach that goes against Canadian privacy laws. Aside from this, its a wonderful app with many great features that keep my child engaged and learning.

Latest version crashes

My son loved this app, but since the latest update, it crashes right after he picks a letter; were unable to use the app now. Please fix it soon, its a great app!

awesome worth the money

Great game my son spends hours on this, its definitely worth the money, its rated top 1 on "circle of moms"

Good but…..

Like sooo many kids games on here, they need an adult to play it with them. Its as if the people who develop these apps never even test them with children that would be using them. For example, a toddler doesnt understand that the buttons cant be pressed when Elmo is talking. Then when hes done, we have to wait for all the buttons that we pressed to clear / finish. While we do love this app, it can be painful to use sometimes as there is so much waiting involved for Elmo to stop talking….when all a 3 year old wants to do is press buttons.

My 2.5 year old LOVES this.

Strongly recommend this app. My boy loves it and is starting to draw letters on his own. At first he got me to use his finger to trace the letters and now he can do a fe on his own! Great Job S. Street!

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